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paul brent

Paul Brent

Paul Brent is a Florida artist whose work is known worldwide.  His paintings in watercolor and oil have deftly portrayed the many aspects of the area capturing the innate beauty on paper and canvas.  He is best known for his idyllic watercolors of coastal life and is often referred to as America’s best known coastal artist.  His work has shown constant progression and change throughout his career. 

Paul licenses his artwork to many different manufacturers for a variety of products. His artwork can be found on wall décor, garden flags, shower curtains, canvas tote bags, stationery items, rugs and mats, pillows, coasters, placemats, needlework, fabric, paper party products, wallpaper, puzzles, ornaments, coffee mugs, melamine and ceramic dinnerware, and more.

Studio located at 519 Grace Ave., Panama City, FL.  Open limited hours and by appointment only.  Call 850-866-9739 for  hours or to schedule an appointment.

paul brent palm

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